Homicide - Steven Mansfield Crafts

Details of the Crime

o  ADDRESS: 1200 Block of SW 148th Ave.

o  INCIDENT DATE: 21 May 1981


o  Gender: Male

o  Race: White


o  Hair length and color:

o  Height: 5’10”

o  Weight: 150 lbs.

o  The victim had a birthmark on his neck


The victim was found floating, face down, in a canal on the east side of SW 148th Ave. The victim was found wearing only a pair of blue jeans and sunglasses. Flip-flop sandals were found along the bank of the canal, possibly belonging to the victim.  

(Case # 81-5-8160)

More Details

  • Reward:up to $5000
  • Categories:Homicide

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